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Social Media Policy 

Zero Gravity Gymnastics' philosophy embraces the uniqueness and individuality of each athlete. We recognize the negative effects social media has on youths and particularly girls and young women. Zero Gravity Gymnastics does have Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts as media/marketing tools, but it is our policy that we do not post or distribute any form of media (photographs, videos, etc.) of our athletes without the express written permission of parents and/or guardians. Please read our Social Media Policy, posted below. 

Zero Gravity Gymnastics 

Social Media Policy 



You’ve probably noticed- Zero Gravity Gymnastics doesn’t have an large social media image. There is a reason for that.


We’ve made a very conscious decision not to actively engage in social media except for the purpose of marketing fundraisers and events. Zero Gravity’s philosophy centers around the whole well-being of our athletes; physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. Studies have proven what we, as parents, have already suspected (and witnessed in the lives of our own children); there’s dramatic increases in depression, body image issues, bullying, peer pressure and significant decreases in self-confidence and perception of self-worth among youth (particularly young women) who regularly interact with social media platforms. 


While any gymnast or family is welcome to post images or videos of their athlete to their own accounts at their own discretion of where they feel comfortable and safe to do so, Zero Gravity will not post any content outside of our website without the express permission of the athlete or family. Our content is contained within our website in our Member’s Only portal. 


Zero Gravity believes that no athlete participating in our organization should feel unsafe physically, emotionally, mentally or socially. We support girls and young women growing as independent, resilient and confident persons and believe in providing a safe and encouraging environment for them to thrive and create personal goals and challenges. 

Online Socializing
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