Image by Greg Rosenke



"Employing Women; Empowering Girls"

Did you know that girls and young women who play sports are more likely to achieve their personal goals, are better equipped to deal with adversity, empowered to draw upon their own personal strengths and build pathways to strong and healthy lives by participating in sports and physical activities?  


Did you also know there is a sharp dropout rate from sports among girls between grades 6-8 with the highest rate occurring at the age of 14 when girls quit sports at twice the rate of boys? Nearly half will quit because they “don’t see a future in sports” (reflected by the fact the number of women in coaching has decreased significantly over the last decade) and over a third will leave a sport they love because they believe “they aren’t good enough.” Many will never experience the benefit of sports because of family financial circumstances. 

Zero Gravity is a nonprofit organization that sees gymnastics differently. The mission of Zero Gravity Gymnastics is to provide opportunities for all girls and young women- especially socio-economically disadvantaged and racially/ethnically diverse girls to participate in the sport of competitive or non-competitive gymnastics. It is Zero Gravity Gymnastics’ philosophy that options should be available for girls who love the sport of gymnastics to reach their potential regardless of income or competitive spirit.